• What is sleep dentistry?
  • Is sleep dentistry safe?
  • How much does sedation dentistry cost?
  • Sedation dentistry what to expect?
What is sleep dentistry?

Traditional dental procedures are considered as painful, and people with low pain threshold struggle with anxiety when they want to go for dental treatments. However, most dental issues need on-time treatment to save oral health and contribute to overall wellbeing.

And this is where sleep dentistry – also known as sedation dentistry – becomes the choice for optimal oral health. The option gives a painless experience to the patients and encourages them to take timely dental treatments. Based on the complexity of the procedure and level of anxiety of the patient, we offer minimal sedation, moderate sedation, and deep sedation or general anaesthesia.

Is sleep dentistry safe?

All the sleep dentistry options are highly safe as our physician anesthesiologists administer them. We will also check the general health condition and the medical records of the patients before giving sleep dentistry solutions.

We will also consider the age and the current medications of the patient before confirming the type of sedative and the dose. Patients with obstructive sleep apnoea and obesity may experience some complexities after receiving anaesthesia. Our physician anesthesiologists have several years of experience in providing safe sleep dentistry options.

How much does sedation dentistry cost?

Based on the length of the dental treatment and the level of sedation requirement, the cost of the sleep dentistry varies. The sedation administration method is also a factor that decides the sleep dentistry cost.

Our physician anesthesiologists will monitor the vitals of the patients while the dentists perform the procedure. In Australia, the average cost of sleep dentistry is between $800 to $1800. You can get the specific prices for the painless treatment by contacting and providing us with the details of your treatment requirements.

Sedation dentistry what to expect?

Based on the type of sedation, we will have different procedures for sedation administration. Let’s see the major sedation options and the procedure of administration:

Nitrous Oxide Inhalation: Nitrous oxide – generally known as laughing gas – gives mild effects and is the choice for less complex dental procedures. Through a mask over your nose, we will deliver the mix of nitrogen and oxygen to keep you relaxed throughout the dental procedure. We can control the level of sedation by increasing or decreasing the gas flow, and the effects will wear off immediately after removing the mask.

Oral Sedation: Our dentists will give sedative pills – usually Halcion – to ensure mild to medium effects to complete the procedure. It will never knock you out but keep you relaxed in the dental chair. You can see the entire procedure and talk to our dentists but may forget about it once over. We will make you take the pill an hour before the procedure to ensure a painless experience.

IV Sedation: It involves the administration of the drug through veins and gives instant effects. Our experienced physician anesthesiologists will provide you with the sedation, and we can control the level of it based on the treatment requirements. Also known as twilight sedation, it will give you moderate to deep effects and ideal for minor surgeries and short dental procedures. In most cases, it will not knock you, but you may be given oxygen as deep sedation can slow the breathing.

General Anaesthesia: This is the choice for you if you are receiving a complex dental procedure. Our physician anesthesiologists will carefully administer the medication and make you sleep deeply or unconscious during the procedure.

Before giving general anaesthesia, we will check your overall health and age and ensure that the sedation can give you the best results. If your breathing rate slows during the procedure, we may provide you with oxygen. Also, our anesthesiologists will monitor your vitals throughout the procedure to ensure a safe treatment experience for you.

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