Sleep Dentistry Clinic is the proud provider of a holistic range of dental solutions to the people of Melbourne. We make a difference in our treatment delivery by focusing on giving painless treatment solutions. With several years of experience in providing up-to-date sleep dentistry solutions, we know how to ensure the optimal oral health of our patients without making them panic or nervous.

One in every seven Australians struggles with dental fear or phobia. Also, complex dental procedures are painful, and people prefer painless treatment procedures to restore their oral health. Some people struggle with specific conditions such as gag reflexes that make dental procedures without sedatives impossible. Sleep Dentistry Clinic helps such people to ensure optimal oral health and wellbeing.


At Sleep Dentistry Clinic, we offer four types of sedative dentistry options based on the dental procedure and the pain threshold of the patients.

Inhaled sedation

Minimal Sedation

Oral Sedation

Minimal to Medium Sedation

IV Sedation

Minimal to Deep Sedation

General Anaesthesia

Deep Sedation

While minimal sedation is the choice for less complex and painful procedures, deep sedation is for patients who want to go for complex or surgical dentistry procedures. Minimal sedation and medium sedation relax the patients and keep them awake throughout the procedure. Also, the dental procedure is completed in the dental chair.

On the other hand, deep sedation makes people unconscious or deeply asleep. For people who receive deep sedation, the dental procedure is completed on a surgical table. With our range of sedative dentistry options, everyone gets a chance to receive the level of painless experience they expect.


We are the specialists of sleep dentistry solutions in Melbourne. Learn what makes our painless dental procedures the right choice for your needs:

Highly Experienced Physician Anesthesiologists

At Sleep Dentistry Clinic, the sedation administration is performed by highly experienced and qualified physician anesthesiologists. They will coordinate with the dentists and ensure the ideal sedation based on your needs. They will also present with the dentists throughout the dental procedure, control the sedation, monitor the vitals, and ensure a safe, painless treatment experience.

Relaxing Clinic Environment

In addition to the sedation options, we also have created a seamless, friendly environment at our clinic. With kids’ area, soothing music, inspiring interior design, and electronic gadgets, our patients will find themselves more engaged and feel relaxed under our roof.

Affordable Services

While giving a superior treatment experience, we are also equally committed to making the sleep dentistry options highly affordable to our patients. The final prices of painless dentistry are based on the treatment type and duration of the procedure. Patients can reach out to us and get accurate rates before choosing our services.

State-Of-The-Art Procedure, Tools

We also focus on using state-of-the procedures and tools to make the painless dental procedures a unified experience for our patients. We administer local anaesthetic through a needle-less method. We also have computer-guided single tooth anaesthesia for target administration and get better results.


We have a team of qualified, experienced dental practitioners, physician anesthesiologists, practice managers, and care assistants who are dedicated to providing our patients with a unified service experience. It is their commitment and professionalism that helped us to become the leading destination for sleep dentistry in Melbourne.


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